Welcome to my first attempts at homesteading!

There will be ups and downs of gardening, baking, cooking, parenting, and trying out homesteading. It should be interesting, a true learning experience!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Is it spring time yet?

Okay, I'm annoyed. I wrote almost this entire post out and my internet crashed! Ugh. So, I'm going to make this short and sweet since I just wasted 30 mins of my time. This is a close up of the seed starting shelf my wonderful and willing (although slightly workaholic) husband built me last night after a long day's work. It's to show you how ridiculously easy it is to build your own shelf! The cost is broken down below:
  • 4' long wire shelves - $1.98 x4 = $7.92
  • 1"x2"x8' firring strips - $0.87 x4 = $3.48
  • 2"x2"x8' firring strips - $1.94 x4 = $7.76
  • Tax :( = $1.51
  • 3" through bolts - $0.20 x16 = $3.20
  • Package of nuts (not sure of price or qty. but husband said nuts and bolts came to a little over $8.00 with tax so we'll say $5.00 - pkg of nuts)
GRAND TOTAL SPENT ON SHELF: $28.87 +/- a few cents :)
Isn't it wonderful? The top shelf and the next one down will have shop lights with grow bulbs hanging from them and the others will be covered with house plants, pictures and things to make it look like part of the decor :) My husband didn't really like the idea of an industrial looking shelf in the dining room (for who knows how long) so I let him design how it went together (after I bought the materials - minus the bolts, they were a great addition to the plan) and now he doesn't mind it too much. This is my sad looking corner of my yard that will hopefully thrive to look beautiful! Take note of the awesome tools I use as markers for my dig site - Screwdrivers! Must find another way, husband doesn't like me using his tools like that. In this sparse corner is a butterfly bush with wild violets and a scraggly sedum towards the front right corner (I thought I'd point that out so you didn't miss it). It will all fill in with God's grace and mercy on me and the plants :) This is a silly story...I was on the phone with my hubby and saw a worm in that bed I was digging up in the sad corner of my yard. It seemed to grow right before my eyes! It was small at first glance, then when it started stretching itself out it was "like 12 inches" I said to my hubby on the phone, and he didn't believe me! So I told him I would take a picture for him using the tape measurer for proof. Well, after I handled the worm a bit, it didn't want to stretch back out again and I couldn't get it to stretch more than this :( It was longer, I swear! This is our huge 8'x8' sandbox that will be turned into a garden wonderland for our daughter, Bella. In those boxes and around the sandbox are going to be her favorite things to pick in the garden. Whenever we go to her Oma's house, she always picks the same things (when the season allows): Strawberries, cherry tomatoes, borage, and anything pretty she spies (even if it is just leaves (not the petals, the leaves) off a poppy plant!). So in the back of the boxes will be cherry tomatoes, around the outside of the sandbox will be all strawberries with a large borage plant where that board is. This is the right hand box as of yesterday. I was itching to get all the Square foot markings on, that I forgot that my boxes aren't all done being amended yet! So this is the only one that has jute on it so far, the others I just did the staples. (Notice the stray cat paw prints in the back half of the box...nice huh?) See the awful trench that the lack of gutters above it is creating in the MIDDLE of my box!!!! UGH! As far as I can see, I have two options here...put up some sort of canopy/gutter system, or put rocks/bricks/something in the trench to keep from splashing mud everywhere. I, of course, like the first option since it doesn't require giving up any gardening space, although I'm renting, (yes renting, and still making a garden paradise in the back yard!) so I'm not sure how feasible that would be.
So obviously I had no problem wasting another 30 mins of my time recreating this blog for you guys to read! I started out just wanting to put short captions by each picture and now I've wasted a few minutes of your time! Anyhow, thanks for reading about my recent garden adventures. This is only the beginning! I'm going to figure out how to put my garden plan that is in Excel on here so you can all (all 6 of you heh,heh,heh) dream with me. At least then you won't all think I'm crazy!