Welcome to my first attempts at homesteading!

There will be ups and downs of gardening, baking, cooking, parenting, and trying out homesteading. It should be interesting, a true learning experience!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Flores' Fun with Flora

So I was standing on my back slab of cement staring out at all this grass and fence and realized that I like flowers. I like things that smell good, taste good, look good and I love being outside when it's not so cold. I looked over at my 8' X 8' sandbox imagining my two girls playing in that this summer and being able to run all over the yard and I was longing for the sunshine. Then the next three days were full of just that - glorious sunshine and 65* weather...I was SO excited! I thought of Bella, my 4 year old, in my mom's garden eating strawberries and beans and peas and all sorts of edible flowers. It was then that I looked over at my 2 gallon pot with a few strawberry plants in it and the dream started. I am going to have a garden.
My garden will be a few important things:
  1. Organic
  2. 90% edible contents
  3. Easy to maintain
  4. Beautiful and productive
I wanted to research just how much our water bill would be in the summer so I got online and tried to look at the previous bills. I couldn't because there was a glitch in the system. So I kindly wrote the previous tenant an email and she immediately responded and within the hour the problem was fixed! I said all this to say that her and I have been emailing ever since and she is the sole reason I started this blog! She has a blog and it is ADORABLE! She now lives across the country and it has been a lot of fun learning about how they lived in this very house and now she wants to do a garden as well! She told me to do a blog about it and my homesteading desires so here it goes! Jennie, hopefully this blog is as entertaining as our emails have been!


  1. I am proud to be the first follower of this very interesting blog. I am excited about what will happen next.

  2. Welcome DW! I am so excited to see you here! There will be lots to come...more pictures, recipes, insight and what not...it shall be amusing I'm sure :)

  3. Flores-fauna is a very clever name.

  4. I think Flores' Fun with Flora is more on topic. :o) Unless of course, you decide to go ahead with those chickens!

  5. Now that i'm an official blogger (no pressure from the wife, of course) I would like to comment on the yard/garden. I have to admit that initially when the idea was conceived, two things came to mind. How much is this going to cost?? and the dog, affectionately: The Dooge, is going to have a feast! However, as time has gone by I have come to realize a few things. Primarily, I have a wonderfully creative and motivated wife. And, risking over flattery and future ammo, a dreamer and hard working mother who deserves to be supported in every way, including financially. That being said, lets try to keep it under $50 bucks. jk


  6. Bummer! I missed out on being the first follower! But that's totally overshadowed by HOW THRILLED I AM that you have a blog!!! YAY! I missed our emailing the last few days :) A birthday party, houseguests and a cross country flight are no excuse WHATSOEVER! Poo on me! But I'm so excited to keep up with you here too!

  7. I was amused by #3. Easy to maintain. Let me know how that works out for you! lol It's wonderful to dream, Rhea. All kidding (well, kinda) aside...it sounds fun and I'm sure it will be all those things for you. I too look forward to following your blog and seeing the progress. Maybe it will re-inspire me, as I have been unmotivated the last couple of years. :o) You go girl! Love you Rhea. (uh oh... I don't understand "select a profile" haha ... ummmm

  8. I guess I'm anonymous...lol

  9. dbflores said, "...let's keep it under 50 bucks..." Hahahhaha He's sooo funny! I love his optimism and his humor.

    DH and I have the same way of approaching new ideas and my endless creative endeavors and/or projects. It all works out quite amicably when we both agree to give and take. Pare down on one end and bulk up on the other.

    To that end, I have some perennial starts for your barren flower beds. Oriental Poppies, Bearded Iris, Siberiean Iris, and Daylilies to name a few. Want a Butterfly bush? DB will have to dig it up for you, but it's available if you want to fill in one of those corners in short order.

  10. @Oma Bee: Uh, YEAH! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE anything that you are willing to part with....YAY YAY YAY I'm so excited! They will get dug up when we come down there for the b-days and maybe when you come up here (hint, hint) you can bring them? How big are they? I'm so excited...did I say that already?

    @anonymous: Uh, you might wanna pick a profile, cause I'm a little confused... ;) But thanks for the rah, rah, rah I can use all I get...the soil around here is ROCK HARD and I have a lot of it to dig up. Hmmm, now if only I had a shovel....

  11. HAHHAHA I am still laughing at df comment about keeping it under $50...oh YOU GUYS CRACK ME UP! Lovin the blog design- my sissy is so clever :)