Welcome to my first attempts at homesteading!

There will be ups and downs of gardening, baking, cooking, parenting, and trying out homesteading. It should be interesting, a true learning experience!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Composting - Oh it's on baby!

There it is folks. My new composter. For less than $15. It took me forever to build it (a couple full days) and a whole lotta adjusting but wah-lah! The measurements got a little off on the front wall due to my own delirium one night while trying to finish it (this was before the chicken wire was even put on and I thought I'd have it finished that night - HA!). But that will actually make it easier to turn the pile since this thing is 3'x3'x3'. Anywho...there it is. It looks a little different that the one on my last post since it's considerably smaller and made from pallet wood, all different shapes and thicknesses mind you, but HEY it was free! The only thing that cost us money was the nails and a couple brackets that we bought for another project that they didn't work for. Proud of me? I am. The only thing my husband helped me with was the cutting of the wood (after I measured and marked it all off, I don't like using an electric saw that weighs more than my baby), the idea for the corner pieces of wood to stabilize it, and the very end it needed the metal corner brackets to make it less jiggly. I am proud of it...not as proud as the bunny cage I made a few years back, but pretty excited that I get to take all the stinky compost out of my kitchen that's been building for the last 2 weeks. Hey I didn't say it took a couple full days back to back, did I?


  1. Yay! You're rich! Soon you'll be rolling in black gold!

  2. I am so excited! I put our first kitchen scraps in it a few days ago and I find myself looking for things to compost! I actually cleaned up the rotten apples beneath the apple tree just so I could put them in the compost :)

  3. YES! And don't overlook... paper - including receipts & envelopes (take out the plastic windows), cardboard (like cereal boxes, empty toilet paper rolls, & the like), papertowels & kleenex, newspaper (remove the slick stuff with lots of colored ink first), paper grocery bags, coffee grounds & filters, tea bags, hair from the hairbrush... and try to SKIP the animal products (dairy, meat, bones)